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Ultra Chic and Luxurious Wood Trim Now Offered

August 20th, 2014
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  Usually found in the luxurious interiors of the world’s finest automobiles, the classic warmth and elegance of exotic wood finishing is timeless. As one of the world’s premier designers and manufacturers of luxury Home Theater Seating, the team at Elite HTS wanted to include elegant, refined wood trim options which would best compliment their… Read more »

The Ultimate Batcave Home Theater – Revisited

May 16th, 2014
Batcave home theater seating and chairs

Well it’s been over a year now since we first revealed our design plans for our Dark Knight themed theater currently under construction in Greenwich, Connecticut. The positive response has been amazing and many of you have asked when the actual theater will be completed. The latest word we have received from the project supervisor… Read more »

Creating the Ultimate Cozy Home Theater

February 20th, 2014

When I started Elite HTS 10 years ago, one of my goals was to one day build a dream home theater of my very own. The concept was a little fuzzy in my mind, but I knew I wanted a warm, inviting and cozy room; somewhere to escape Vancouver’s cold, wet days of winter. Much… Read more »

Argo on Blu-ray

February 24th, 2013
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Argo, staring by Ben Affleck (and directed by as well), Bryan Cranston, and John Goodman was released on blu-ray on February 19th. A movie that is in the running for best picture at the Oscars today! The Plot: “In 1979, the American embassy in Iran was invaded by Iranian revolutionaries and several Americans were taken hostage. However, six… Read more »

Belkin’s “Thunderstorm” Handheld Home Theater Case

January 7th, 2013

Belkin has introduced a handheld home theater case for the iPad. MSRP $199.99, the Thunderstorm  is a form-fitting case that protects the iPad the same way as a traditional case does but the Thunderstorm has a large stereo speaker along the side edges of the iPad. With an app you can purchase, the Thunderstorm is marketed as a… Read more »

Looper on Blu-ray

January 5th, 2013
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Looper, directed by Rian Johnson and starring  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt was released on Blu-ray DVD this past Monday (New Years Eve). While Looper wasn’t a huge success at the box office ($66 million US and $166 million worldwide), the movie has slowly gained the attention of the public making this a highly anticipated release on Bluray. According to The HD… Read more »

Home Theater PC’s (HTPC)

January 3rd, 2013
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Steiger Dynamics offer gamers a new home theater gaming PC experience. For many years, home theater PC’s have been less than exciting and frequently ignored. In a recent interview with Gaming Illustrated, Steiger Dynamics CTO Martin Gossner sheds some light on the improvements of HTPC’s. Here are some excerpts of that interview: “Gaming Illustrated: The concept of an HTPC… Read more »

Happy New Year

December 31st, 2012
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Today is New Years Eve! The day we celebrate around the world. A day we look back at the past year and look forward to making the next year even better. Last week we took a look back at 2012 and realized what we accomplished as a company. Thanks to you, we have shown even… Read more »

2012: A Look Back

December 20th, 2012

Another year has gone by so quickly and it was a year of some great milestones, some new beginnings, and some great memories. 2012 was the year we took on social media with our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and we also committed ourselves to do more blogging because we love talking about all things… Read more »

Total Recall 2012

December 18th, 2012
Total Recall

Total Recall, the reboot, is to be released on December 18th. The reboot stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Biel.  Total Recall will come in three versions: three-disc Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and a two-disc Blu-ray release which include both the theatrical and extended cuts of the film, which feature 20 minutes not seen in theaters. If you haven’t… Read more »