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Hand Crafted, Custom Made, Theater Seating at its Finest. Elite HTS is a Global Manufacturer of Ultra Luxury, Home Theater Seating for Residential and Commercial Cinemas. Proudly Made in North America.

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A true theater chair provides the perfect balance of comfort and excellent ergonomic support. A true theater chair provides ESCAPISM into the world you are watching on the screen. 


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10 Year Warranty

Our 10 Year Warranty is proof of our extreme confidence in our product. Our heavy-duty recliner mechanism, robust chair frame, and premium foam ensure that our theater seats will last a lifetime.

Power Recline Included

Elite HTS believes in giving back, which is why we provide our customers with a $100 gift card to Global Giving for each and every order we receive.

Global Giving is a nonprofit organization that offers an online marketplace to connect donors directly with many different grassroots projects around the world. Visit www.globalgiving.com to view various projects.

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